Wisteria Farms
Purebred Murray Grey Cattle

HOW IT STARTED: Our oldest daughter had been riding horses since she was 6 years old and we had joined our local 4H club where she competed in Western Pleasure and English riding.

One year, her best friend was showing her Charolais cattle at the fair and needed a bit of help with washing/leading/etc. After helping, our daughter approached us and said, “I can do that!”.

The next year we were at the County fair with crossbred cattle . We did a pretty poor job of showing and handling.. but hey...we were having fun. So much so that we started investigating different breeds in hopes of making a full-time effort at it.

It was on the advice of our friend & 4H Leader Judy Meisner, that we looked most seriously at Murray Greys. Judy and her family had YEARS under their belts raising and showing Shorthorn cattle.

Being new to cattle we wanted something with exceptional calving ease... (my biggest fear was having to pull a calf!) We also didn’t want to deal with horns... (I’ll just say NOW how much I admire people who raise horned cattle!... That takes some nerve!). We also wanted something with exceptional temperament... after all, how long would our kids stick with something that scared them?!

The Murray Grey was also unique...we could have our own individuality in a sea full of Angus, Herefords, Charolais, Limousine, Shorthorns, etc.

So, in 2007 we purchased our first females and have grown since that time to a herd that fluctuates between 20-30 cows.

Yes, we have been blessed, our goal is to continue to grow our herd and constantly improve our genetics...  

Because when we get good advice, we take it!

Why Murray Grey?

Lewis & Clark Community College

Godfrey, Illinois

2012 was our 2nd year hosting students from this “Large Animal Lab” summer program instructed by Tim Reed.


Annual benefit held at the Melvin Price Lock & Dam in Alton, Illinois. The Sunshine Run benefits families with kids battling cancer. Issac’s big brother is one of my daughter’s classmates so when I was asked to paint faces for the benefit, I couldn’t say “No”.


As the regional “reps” for the National Murray Grey Registry...

we maintain contact with Midwest Breeders and maintiain the Midwest website found at:



“College For Kids”

Issacs Ray of Hope

2nd Annual “Sunshine Run”


Midwest Representative

Jeff and Angie Nason

In the spring of 1988 we moved from Sarasota, Florida (Jeff’s hometown)  to Jerseyville, Illinois (Angie’s hometown). The lure of better wages and cheaper living than what we had experienced along the gulf coast of Florida helped aid the decision to move North. Additionally, it had always been Jeff’s dream to own land (a hint of things to come!).

In 1997, we opened Paragon Pipecoverers, Inc. a Mechanical Insulation company specializing in commercial insulation of heating, plumbing and HVAC systems.

The year 2000 brought with it the ability to buy our first “mini” farm, which consisted of an old house, 8 acres and lots of outbuildings.

Wisteria Farms began on that 8 acres with the planting of

different varieties of the scented vine.

In 2006 we moved to larger property and began our cattle venture.

College For Kids Issacs Ray of Hope

Chelsea Nason: (above) Riding Sabrin at Trinity Hill Farm (below) Showing a Limestone Ridge heifer at the 2009 AMGA Nationals in Douglas, Wyoming.