Wisteria Farms
Purebred Murray Grey Cattle

SIRE: Willalooka Power
DAM: HH Glory B Alice B4
Lindale Hobo is an excellent black Murray Grey bull with solid Australian bloodlines. This bull produces exceptional females who flesh easily, have outstanding udder structure, and have good capacity and length. We use three of his daughters as embryo donors, Eagles Run Innocence, Eagles Run Sweet Dream, and Eagles Run Everlasting. Hobo is great on heifers and a good choice for cows. He has a desirable blend of growth, milk, carcass and marbling combined with a light birth weight. We owned and used Hobo for three years before selling him to a commercial operation where he was valued for his fertility, ability to cover many females and low-birthweight calves. Hobo has a docile, quiet temperament which his progeny have inherited. One interesting fact we have noticed about many of the Hobo progeny we have worked with over the years is their ability to maintain their flesh in conditions where the other cattle are dropping weight.

Lindale Hobo is the sire of our cow Eagles Run Catnip and grandsire of our cow Eagles Run Papyrus (a Sweet Dream daughter) both purchased from Eagles Run Ranch in 2009.

Catnip is loved so much that we intentionally line-bred a daughter to a son and BINGO! got
a heifer in 2012 that we hope will be very much like her grand-dam!