Wisteria Farms
Purebred Murray Grey Cattle

“Extra” as he is often referred to, is the sire of  two of our cows RSA MS EXTRA SPRINKLE and RSA MS EXTRAS URANDI. When I talk of being “fooled” by show pictures... I can tell you THIS GUY  does NOT deceive. He IS/WAS “all that and a bag of chips”. He is a maternal trait leader with his mother having a milk EPD of +11. His daughters are extremely easy-keeping, maintaining condition in roughest conditions, all the while nursing a calf...
They are very treasured in our herd.

When we purchased cattle from RebSuAnn Cattle in Shelbyville KY, we were able to see
“Extra” in person. It was 2007 and he was beginning to show his age but was still very impressive.
Not long after that he was sent to a “forever home” to live out his days.
Breeder, Ginger Natolis tells of going to see him... She approached the fence and said,
“Extra, momma’s here”
and he came over for a scratch like no time had passed.

We love this bull and will always be interested in females with “Extra” in the pedigree.
SIRE: Wee-Gun Tjandamarra
DAM: Monarch Oak Sabrina

Bred by
Ginger Natolis
Monarch Oak Farm

2001 Grand Champion Bull
Ohio Beef Expo