Wisteria Farms
Purebred Murray Grey Cattle

DAM: HD Ritzy Lady 149R Birth Weight: 73 lbs
Adjusted 205: 787 lbs.
HD Total Elipse was purchased on April 3, 2008 from the Midland Bull Test in Columbus, Montana.
In addition to a nice low BW and exceptional WW, he scored a perfect 10 with Igenity for Calving Ease.
He had the Best Overall Ultrasound with the Lowest Back Fat, Second Largest Rib Eye Area & Highest  IMF%
He had the second highest YW of 1184 lbs and his mature weight taken the summer of 2011 was 2200 lbs.
His Coat Color with GeneStar and Igenity shows he is Homozygous Black (ED/ED) which can explain his tendency to throw black over dark cows.

Total Eclipse was bred by H Diamond Cattle in Roberts, Idaho
His Sire is Lindsay Elect, son of Willalooka Java and brother to Willalooka Leopold.
His Dam, HD Ritzy Lady 149R is a Willalooka Power daughter out of HH Milt Springs Sam Inda.
He is double registered with:
AMGA: # 53568      NMGR: #100637
and is listed on the Approved Sires list with AMGA having tested negative for A-manno and DNA fingerprinting on file.
We do have semen from Total Eclipse but due to his proven record of producing exceptional progeny, it is not for sale.

Eclipse has received the most notariety for his boys... several who have competed very well at the Midland Bull Test.
2011 Midland Bull Test
Lot #1151 HD Explosive 566X (consigned by H Diamond Cattle) sold for $2,750
He was the High Performance Winner with an ADG of 3.43 and a WDA of 2.96

Lot #1152 HD Xcaliber 568X (consigned by H Diamond Cattle)
He was the High Efficiency Winner with an RFI of -1.89
He also had the Highest IMF% at 4.33

Lot #1153 (consigned by H Diamond Cattle)
Worth noting is that this bull had the top Rib Eye Area with an REA of 15.7 inches
This was the 8th largest REA of all 1103 bulls from all 10 breeds on test at Midland.

2012 Midland Bull Test
Lot #1159 Wisteria Mercury Rising (consigned by Wisteria Farms) sold for $3,500
He is owned by Leon Williams of Spring Coulee Farms in Bozeman, Montana

Lot #1160 Wisteria Full Tank (consigned by Wisteria Farms) sold for $3,000
Tank was the Highest Indexing Murray Grey in 2012 (meaning, all things considered, best overall)
He is owned by Cory & Jana Risemas of Pleasant Ridge Farm in Elkhart, Indiana

Here at Wisteria Farms, we have only kept the very best Eclipse daughters. In truth, he throws so many fine calves that we have been forced to get very picky just so that we don’t keep them all! One heifer was sold due to an eartag that ripped out as a calf...she looked funny with the split ear and was sold but I hear she is now absolutely BEAUTIFUL..
Examples of daughters we have retained can be seen in cows Wendy, Christy, Ebony, Ivy, & Candy.  
We have sold Eclipse daughters to: LeBlanc Farm, Windhorst Family Farm, Double L Farm