Wisteria Farms
Purebred Murray Grey Cattle

Ray of Hope
At the Melvin Price Lock & Dam
in Alton, Illinois

Donations taken on Issac’s website:
URL: http://isaacsraysofhope.org/

Little known fact, before the Insulation business and all this cattle “craziness” Angie used to do
decorative painting. This has lead, over the years, to painting signage, kitchens, nurseries, and a daycare business as well as many little faces for various events such as the St. Francis/Holy Ghost
Harvest Fest, & private birthday parties, etc.

Limited time, has led to putting the paint brushes away  but when asked to be the face painter for the
2nd Annual Sunshine Run, I just couldn’t turn it down.

100% was donated to Issac’s Ray of Hope
along with a matching donation from
Paragon Pipecoverers, Inc.

The run was a great success and the entire thing is possible due to the many
volunteers who only care about helping families cope with the financial burdens that follow
a child’s diagnosis of cancer.  

Please help ME help kids and families with cancer and donate by clicking the website link above!