Wisteria Farms
Purebred Murray Grey Cattle

Wisteria Farms raises purebred Murray Grey Cattle. Our primary FUNCTION is to bring you the very

best seedstock available but our primary GOAL is to bring you the knowledge and mentorship needed to build your own fine herd of Murray Greys!


It makes a difference!

Dark Pigmented

There's a reason the Golden Retriever has earned its place as the perfect family dog, just as there's a reason why the Murray Grey has earned its place as the perfect family cow. The Murray Grey's outstanding, "easy going" nature allows it to be less prone to stress which translates into profit by way of increased gains and decreased vet bills (sickness). Their temperment makes them wonderful to work...they  are very accepting and  trusting of the cattleman who works his herd with a gentle hand.

Why settle for anything short of amazing!


Our entire herd has been tested using Pfizer’s GeneStar MVP and we test all new calves annually after fall vaccinations. See below to  understand why we feel this is a necessary step in bringing you our best!

Through the use of DNA, we learn which animals are GENETICALLY superior based on Tenderness, Marbling and Feed Efficiency.

We put our cattle “to the test”...

OUR registry of choice. In a quest to find the best registry for OUR needs, we have been past members of the MGIA, the MGF, and served on the Board of the AMGA. For us, the NMGR is our “home” where we find breeders with like-minded ideas and goals. At NMGR you will find breeders who raise a larger number of cattle, who actively participate in programs which TEST their cattle performance and who believe that promotion is KEY. The NMGR also believes in  strong mentorship. They have regional  representatives who are happy to give you the amount of guidance you need to succeed with Murray Greys. Wisteria Farms is the  Midwest Regional

“Rep”... So please feel free to give us a call anytime!

Murray Grey cows are known for their calving ease and their offspring

"hit the ground running". The cows longevity also adds to her value within your herd as she will often times still be producing calves late into her teens.

Most heifers calve effortlessly with no assistance needed.

The girls never fail to impress...

Calving Ease

While we often marvel and admire the breeder of Longhorn cattle , we sure don’t care to manage even ONE! Not a worry with Murray Greys,

there are no horns, ever! When crossing with horned cattle, they are said to take the horns off 90% of the time.

You’ll never have to worry about grabbing

“the bull by the horn”!

Naturally Polled

Murray Greys are known for their

efficiency and our promise is to be pro-active as breeders by utilizing opportunities to test & improve our beef genetics.

DNA Testing through

Pfizer Animal Genetics

Feed Efficiency