Wisteria Farms
Purebred Murray Grey Cattle

College for Kids
“Large Animal Lab”
2012 marked the 2nd summer that Instructor Tim Reed brought his students to Wisteria Farms
as part of his Large Animal Lab. This 2 hour program lets us allow kids, many of whom do not have access to “farm life”, to experience it first-hand.
During the program, the kids get to learn about farm animals by seeing and physically interacting with
our current residents which include Murray Grey cattle, various breeds of pigs, chickens, cats, etc...
One of MY favorite units is collecting eggs. The morning’s eggs are left in the coop for the children to
find...we then discuss the many colors and sizes and try to guess which chickens produced which eggs!
They then take the eggs home to experience the dark orange yolks not found in store-bought eggs!
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Above: 2011 Group Picture
       Bottom: taken during
             the 2012 visit.